Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh Baby, Oh Baby - Sexting Distractions

Much to the chagrin of the generation ahead of us, many young people these days "sext" - and yes, I'll admit that I'm one of them. Dirty texts and the occasional photo, when you get into a long distance relationship (or if it's just your "thing") it just happens.

I'm not here to debate whether this is a good or bad thing, because frankly, those who want to do it can go ahead, and it's no one else's business. Rather, I had an amusing thought the other night as I hit the "send" button on a dirty text while tossing some dirty dishes in the sink - a decidedly UNsexy task.

How many of you have ever been carrying on a dirty text conversation when you were doing something COMPLETELY different?

I couldn't help but laugh as I did it, because it's supposed to be something intimate and sexy, and here I was doing the dishes. And it made me wonder if others are doing the same. If you guy or girl starts up a naughty conversation, do you just go with it regardless of whether your head is in it at the moment, or do you give them a metaphorical "roll over" and put it off until another time?


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