Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Looking For A Big Girl Job

So with the completion of my college studies rapidly approaching (TWO WEEKS, TWO WEEKS, TWO WEEKS!), I've jumped head first into the job hunting scene. With some less than stellar results.

The jobs that will actually pay me want someone with more experience, and the jobs that will take me don't want to pay me. Of course, I have to try and get the unpaid jobs so that I can get the experience to get the paying jobs, but it's really a very disheartening cycle. I've paid my dues in the retail world for five years, and now I've sunk back to the bottom of the ladder again.

Breaking into anything that can actually support me is difficult, because of the endless job-requires-experience experience-requires-job loop. It's even harder because the industry I'm trying to break into is so much more based on who you know. So I need to know people.

Somehow, I was hoping it would be easier than this. I thought I'd at least have more options of where to send my resume. But as summer jobs have filled up, the demand has waned, and since I'm already stuck in a dead end retail job, I refuse to apply for another. It's a real, Big Girl Job, doing what I want to do, or bust. I don't need any more time as a retail slave - I need experience that is going to help me build my career.

I'm hopeful though. I'm shooting off resumes and arranging meetings, and doing everything in my power to acquire my Big Girl Job. I'll be damned if I'm not trying my hardest.

So if you have a moment, send me some good vibes for the next week or so, I need some cosmic goodness to help me out here.

What was your first Big Kid job?


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