Friday, February 4, 2011

Thoughts At A Job Interview

So I had a job interview today, and due to the incomprehensible and highly unusual competence of the MTA and the Manhattan subway system, I arrived at the office 20 minutes before my interview was scheduled. As I was waiting in the lobby, my mind was racing with a myriad of different thoughts, many of which I'm sure you all will find amusing, and can relate to. Here are some of them.

"Is 20 minutes early too early? It's too cold to wait outside, I might as well go upstairs."
"Oh man, I totally don't know how to pronounce the name of the woman I'm supposed to be interviewing with." 
"The receptionist probably thinks I'm an idiot for pronouncing this woman's name wrong." 
"Wow, everybody who works here is really young."
"Oh jeez, I am totally overdressed. Nobody here is in business attire."
"Oh, wait, it's Friday. So, casual Fridays?"
"Do jeans count for casual Fridays? That's really casual..." 
"I wish the receptionist would call this woman again to tell her I'm here."
"These girls are totally judging my tights right now..."
"My shoes don't really match, do they?" 
"Now I really wish she'd call her again... now it looks like I'm late."
"I hope she doesn't think I don't care about being on time, that looks so bad." 
"This woman has no idea what any of the jobs on my resume actually are, does she?"
"Why do I have to explain why I'm not pursuing a job in what I majored in? Lots of people do that, right?"
"Maybe I should just take my major off my resume..."
"Why is wanting to make a career out of administrative assisting so weird? It's stable, it pays well, it makes sense."
"How come no one pays attention to my GPA?"
"I should make my resume say that I graduated early, that would be more impressive."
"She sounds like she has a thing for the CEO. But I'm probably just reading too much into it."
"What is the appropriate amount of 'impressed' to express at this point in the tour?" 
"Am I smiling too much?" 
"I haven't shaken her hand yet, how am I demonstrate a strong handshake?"
"Wait, maybe the handshake is just a guy thing."
"Eye contact, that's what I'm supposed to do."
"But if I do that too much, isn't it creepy?"

Enjoy, and share your own fun job interview thoughts. 


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