Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Prince Charming Just Isn't Worth It

As girls, we always dream about our Prince Charming coming along to sweep us off our feet, and make us fall madly in love. It's a nice story, of course, but when it comes to real life, perhaps it's not quite the story we're looking for. 

But there he is... and he's charming, alright. And he's certainly not bad to look at, either. He's everything you think you want, so you're swooning, and he's mopping you up off the pavement and carrying you off. And maybe while you're in his arms, being carted away, it crosses your mind that "Wow, he's really good at this..." 

If he's really good at it, there's probably a reason why he's really good at it. Like, He Does This A Lot, or He's Not Being Genuine. I'm not saying that you should doubt every guy who ever approaches you, but rather that it's worthwhile to try and dig deeper before you fall head over heels. Yes, he's an attractive piece of man candy, and yes, he's quite charming, as the name would imply. But... what else? 

In between his seemingly sweet words and his bedroom eyes, what else is there? Is there an ability to be serious behind that charming laugh? Is there any sincerity to back up his kind words? Furthermore, do his actions ever stand behind them? Is there any degree of intellect hiding behind those smoldering eyes? Is there anything deeper than the Prince Charming exterior? Or are you going to get to the castle and realize that the guy you thought was perfect is actually a selfish, unmotivated jerk who is more interested in taking advantage of the fact that you think he's perfect than actually being a good guy for you. 

Those guys should come with a warning label. I've seen time and time again myself and my girlfriends fall for these guys who look perfect, and win over friends and family by always knowing just what to say, but have absolutely nothing going for them once you realize that it's just a facade. It's hard to see it at first, especially when you're so blinded by the sunshine you hallucinated shining out this guy's butt. He's charming, and attractive, and no, of course he's not using you for money, or emotional support, or sex. He would never do a thing like that. 

Except that he totally would. 

And if that's what you're looking for, far be it from me to deny you. Swoon dramatically into his arms, let him carry you to his bedroom and charm the pants off you if that's what you're in the mood for. Nothing wrong with that. What's wrong is watching the girls who aren't expecting that get hurt by the guy they thought was going to rescue them. Those are the ones I'm trying to protect. 

Prince Charming isn't the one you want. Yes, he looks perfect, and when he's whispering sweet nothings into your ear, you're a high risk situation. But a good deal of the time, there's nothing behind the pleasant exterior. Or if there is, it's a lot more villainous than what you were expecting...


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