Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fairytales And Fortunes

Fun fact about my blog: Oftentimes, I don't make up the titles of my blogs. A lot of times they're quotes from songs, books, movies, or poems. For one thing, I'm not a particularly short winded person, as I'm sure you've noticed. Brevity is not my thing. Plus, I love quotes. I'm a quote person. I could probably singlehandedly keep quotable magnets in business. 

So every so often, if I'm quoting something obscure or that most people I know wouldn't have heard of, I'll give a shout out to the artist or author or whomever. 

So this is my shout out to my friend Geoff, whose song lyrics I have (lovingly, I promise) ripped off for a couple blog titles recently. 

There's only 4 songs on the album, which means it's clearly worth the four bucks it would take all you guys to go sample it. It sounds like something you would hear in an iPod commercial, or in a groovy hipster coffee shop. I mean that in a good way, if some of you are reading that and find it more of an insult than a compliment. 

Fun fact number two is that way back in the day before my ex-boyfriend and I were a couple, I was pimping his solo album on my blog. 

The point of that was basically to say, Hey, you never know who these people are going to turn out to be. You could download this now and a couple years from now see him on TV and think "Hey, I totally have his album from way back when!" and feel really cool, and have some indie cred to brag about to your hipster friends. (I think I'm mixing my social stereotypes there, but I'm not sure.) 

I really am eloquent and well-spoken sometimes, I promise. Go download the CD. 


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  1. Which Geoff are you talking about, I will check it out.