Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You're Not Seeing, I'm Not Waiting

So I've spent a lot of time getting down on myself lately. Be it because of the heartache, or the disappointment of my job turning out to be rather short-lived, I've been moping. But in talking to a friend today, I realized that I actually have a lot to be proud of. 

I spend a lot of time not tooting my own horn, and just hoping that people see how intelligent, and hard working, and kind I am. Someone told me recently that I could have anything I wanted, and I quickly blew off the remark as a blatant falsehood. 

But you know what? I didn't end up where I was standing out of sheer luck, or happenstance. 

I was a mediocre high school student. This is not me getting down on myself, this is me being honest. I had a 3.0 GPA in high school. I went on from that to college. I graduated college early, in 3 years, with honors. I held down a job for that entire period of time, and I still work for that company now. Within a couple of weeks of graduating college, I was working as a wardrobe supervisor, albeit on a small non-profit production. From that point, I have never been without a job in my field for more than a few weeks. In fact, if you look at my resume, it would appear that there were no breaks in my wardrobe career at all, because it just so happens that my jobs have gone July-August, September-October, November, and November-January. If all goes accordingly, I'll qualify to enter the union by January. 

Yes, during a lot of those in between periods, I was going crazy

But you know what? I'm doing pretty damn good for myself. 

I'm intelligent, I'm motivated, I'm passionate, and I am getting what I want

I don't have anything to prove to anyone, because I am proud of what I've accomplished, and where I'm standing right now - I've got the whole world and the whole life ahead of me, and I'm not waiting for anything, I'm going out to get it. 



  1. * HUGS * I'm so glad you finally came to this conclusion on your own... and much faster than me. You really can do anything you want. 8]

  2. I'm fickle with my boosts of self confidence, but for now, I'm going to take this and run with it.

  3. I know this is silly, but remember how it worked with me. :-) Once you were bold enough to tell me more about your interests and passions, I respected you a lot more and realized that you truly were a talented woman. You can have that same effect on many, many people, promise.

  4. I am glad you finally found what you were looking for, "You".